It was all a dream...

When Javielle Candle Co. originated in 2016, it was just a fun hobby and a way to express my creativity. Since then, being a candle maker has become less about expression and more about creating an experience through scent and aromas.

Scents tell a story, but THESE scents match your mood.

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Moods you can't refuse.

I created these candles with YOU in mind. I want these scents to not only match your mood, but to offer enough choices for ALL your moods! (Fun fact: my nickname as a child was Moody -- I'll let y'all figure out why, lol!)

It took a LOT of practice and testing to get it right. Between choosing the perfect scents, the best jars (they are reusable! — hello, cotton swab holder?!), the always-culturally-relevant scent names? WHEW.

Try one (or three). Even if you smell it once, it's part of your collection. (...or whatever Future said)

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