Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (+Repurpose!)

Repurposed candle jar with succulent plant

Hey y’all! So, I’ve shown you how to clean out your old candle jars, so now let’s explore some ideas on how to use those empty jars around the house. Since all Javielle Candles come with a lid, these are perfect for reuse! If you happen to have a candle without a lid, I have some ideas for those, too :) (the pic above, for example!)

  1. Repot a plant or grow herbs: I used a succulent plant, as they can exist in glass jars fairly well with low maintenance. Some herbs also do well in glass jars! They look amazing on a windowsill or desk. Be sure to add pebbles at the bottom of the jar for drainage!

  2. DIY body scrub: Make your own body scrub by mixing 1 part granulated sugar with 2 parts coconut oil and adding in some lavender essential oil and pure vanilla extract or any other essential oils that you like.

  3. Place a tea light: Drop a tea light into the candle jar to create a nice visual effect to be used indoor or out.

  4. Collect spare change: drop your coins in at the end of everyday or let your kids save up change to start financial learning early!

  5. Lip gloss storage: if you are ANYTHING like me, you hoard NYX lip glosses lol. The 10oz jars are a perfect size for handfuls of them!

  6. Regifting: Christmas is literally around the corner! After thorough cleaning with hot water and soap, fill the jars with hot chocolate and marshmallows, or even cookie dough mix, add the lid and wrap a pretty ribbon around it and voila! Happy gifting!

  7. Bathroom toiletries: stuff cotton balls or q-tips in the jar to add a little organization to your counter.

  8. Bulk goods: store bulk goods like almonds or granola and keep on your desk for healthy snacking throughout the workday.


So, what are you going to use your jar for? Share pics of how you reuse and repurpose your jars and tag @javiellecandles for a chance to win a free gift card!

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