How to use wax melts!

How to use wax melts!

Wax melts are a popular choice among many, and for good reason! Wax melts can burn longer than traditonal candles, can be used without wicks/fire and you can control the strength of your scent by adding chunks of wax at a time. Lastly, wax melts are convenient to use wherever you go. They can be placed in the comfort of your home, office, or living spaces (yes, even dorm rooms!)

There are two ways to use -- an electric wax warmer or a tea light wax warmer. Electric warmers plug into the wall, like this one in the pictures below. You can usually set a timer and let it melt all day! Tea light wax warmers, on the other hand, require the use of a scentless tea light to warm the wax, and usually only lasts a short time (think 2 hours). These are easily accessible and often found at dollar stores and super cheap!

Here's how each of them work:

Electric Warmers


This is how the wax warmer I used looks. Has one button that controls the amount of time your wax is warmed. 

There's a silicone tray included, which makes clean up and changing scents SO easy! It's removable, and you can pop the harden wax right out when done. 


Next, break a piece (or two, or three!) and place it in the tray. Depending on where and how strong you want your scent to be, I'd suggest starting with one block and adding more from there.



Set your timer for how many hours you'd like it to continually warmer and disperse scent. I normally do 9 hours to enjoy throughout the whole day. The great thing about these is that you can leave them unattended, with no fire hazards.


Lastly, enjoy your scent!


Tea Light Wax Warmers


For these, you're going to need the warmer, unscented tea lights and a lighter. These use the heat from the flame to melt and warm the wax. People usually choose these to enjoy the ambience that a lit candle provides in your home. 



Place the tea light underneath the warming plate in the tea light holder, and light it. Keep in mind that since this is a flame, you'll want to not leave this unsupervised for long periods. 



These are going to melt the same way and emit the same powerful aromas as the electric warmers. Also, the tea lights normally extinguish themselves once burned out. 

So, which way do you prefer? Check out our selection of amazing wax melts and enjoy your scents!

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