Hey Candle Lover!

I know you’ve probably been burning candles for YEARS now and you love watching the soft glow and smelling the warm scent as it fills your home – but there is an art to burning a candle properly! I want to provide you with a few tips to get the most from your candle:

Watch it

This is probably a no-brainer, but please do not leave your burning candle unattended! Check on it frequently to ensure that the wick is still burning properly (no flickering, wisps of smoke or leaping flames) and that it has not begun to wither out.

Burn Time

As a best practice, burn your candle for 3-4 hours at a time, but no more than 4. For the first burn, always burn until the wax has formed a complete pool at the top to prevent tunneling down the middle. While burning, make sure the wick remains centered. Burning for more than 4 hours can cause overheating of the jar and well... we don't want that!

Let it gooooo

Once you are down to about ½ inch of wax, discontinue burning. Burning all the way to the bottom, with the entire wax pool liquified, is not only a fire hazard, but it can potentially cause container cracking. Accept ‘leftover’ wax. Residual wax can have the benefit of preventing the candle from becoming too hot. Learn how to stop worrying and love the leftover wax! You can also pour it into a wax melter and reuse the jar.

Keep It Short, Sweetie (KISS)

Always trim your wick to a ¼ inch before lighting. If you go too long without trimming the wick, your wick can develop a carbon buildup and release soot into the air. If it’s a wooden wick, keep it trimmed as close to the wax as possible.

If you’ve run into any difficulties or are unsatisfied with your candle, please feel free to reach out to me at Customer service is very important to me and I will work to find a solution that fits your needs. As a new and small business, I am always open for improvement!



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