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Mini Tins Sample Pack

So... you want to buy candles but you just HAVE to smell them first? You going on a trip but can't bring regular candles in your carry on?

SAY LESS! We got you, boo.

This 11-tin sample kit features all of the seasonal scents and boasts a 4+ hour burn time! Perfect for hotel rooms, small walkways and even bedrooms, these mini tins are great for wherever you want a little scent boost.

Want a smaller kit or not interested in all scents available? Choose one of our "mini pack" and get only what you need.

Mini packs include signature scents!

Sweet Mini Pack: Cake by the Pound, No Way, Rose, In My Feelings, This My Jam

Foodie Mini Pack: Oh Hey, Birthday!, Pie is the Limit, Real Hot Girl Wick, Yasssss, Witch!

Earthy/Nature Mini Pack: Stress Relief, Hoodie SZN, Still Jones’n, Baby Hair

Masculine Mini Pack: Somebody's Son, Daddy's Home, Beard Gang, Wood You Mind

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